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Weed Control in Spanish Fork, UT

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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Spring Application - Consists of a starter fertilizer with broadleaf weed control, stimulated healthy root development, new growth and color.  Pre-emergent is also applied to prevent weed grasses like crabgrass from emerging.

Early Summer Application - Consists of a balanced fertilization, broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent to extend crabgrass control, maintain color and build turf for summer stress.

Summer Application - Consists of a balanced slow release granular fertilization for a no burn summer nourishment to stimulate healthy root development, new growth and color. (broadleaf weeds will be spot treated with weed killer)

Late Summer Application
- Consists of a balanced slow release granular fertilization to promote fall growth and recoup from the summer stress. (broadleaf weeds will be spot treated with weed killer)

Fall Application
- A balanced fertilization and broadleaf weed killer, thickens the grass, stimulates root growth to promoted winter hardiness and improve spring color.  Pre-emergent is also applied to help prevent spring weed grasses from emerging.

Fungicide Treatment - Fungicide applications are provided as needed.  Certain types of diseases require repeat applications.  The degree of control depends on the type of disease and the environmental conditions.  There is no cure for a fungus. Once the fungus spore is in your soil, you can only maintain the lawn and treat it as needed when the fungus flairs up.  There are measures that can be taken to help prevent an outbreak, we recommend multiple aerations followed by Soil Enhancement treatments yearly.
Lawn Insect Control

Preventative Bill Bug Grub: In Utah County, bill bug grubs are one of the leading causes of turf damage.  Grubs are white C-shaped larvae which are in the developmental stage of becoming a beetle.  These pests are found in the soil below the thatch of your lawn and feed on the roots of the grass plants.  Left untreated, bill bug grubs can cause considerable damage and total replacement of the lawn is often necessary.  We recommend that a preventative grub treatment be applied to your lawn in early summer.  This application is applied in liquid form with our early summer fertilization treatment.  We guarantee this application to protect your lawn for 90 days.

Bill Bug Curative:  If unfortunately you were unable to have the preventative bill bug treatment applied to your lawn, we can still control your bill bug grub insect problem.  Although the damage has already occurred and will likely get worse before it gets better; the sooner it is treated the less damage you will have.  

Sod Webworm: When Sod Webworms are found in the spring it is because they have hibernated in your lawn from last fall.  These insects will burrow down in the ground several feet to survive through the winter.  As soil temperatures rise in the spring, these insects will surface and begin to feed on your grass.   Sod Webworm, Cutworm and Army Worms are all very similar insects, they are offspring from the lawn moth.  Unlike Bill Bugs that feed on the roots of the grass, the Sod Webworms are surface feeding insects that cause damage in the larvae stage by digging tunnels lined with silk, then chewing off the grass at the crown leaving a stubble look to the turf.  They feed at night are difficult to find during the day.  The Sod Webworm moth is tan in color and has a very distinct gold stripe on the wing tips.  If you have seen these moths in your lawn, there is a good possibility that they have laid their eggs in your lawn and will soon be hatching.  These insects start hatching in early spring then change to the lawn moth starting early summer then these moths lay eggs that again start to hatch as the weather starts to cool off about early August.  The application is guaranteed for 45 days.  Lawns with excessive thatch build-up may require a second application.

Tree and Shrub Service

Dormant Oil Application - Helps control hibernating eggs, immature and adult insects such as scale and mites on certain plants.  Dormant oil is applied to shrubs, pines and fruit trees with the exception of blue spruce.

Systemic Deep Root Injection - This application is injected into the drip line and trans located upward into the plant system through the roots, this will provide season long control from top to bottom.  This treatment will control Aphids, Japanese Beetle, Bronze Birch Bores, Lace Bugs, Leaf Beetles, Leaf Hoppers and Mealy Bugs just to name a few.  If a treated tree or shrub becomes infected with a sucking or chewing insect we will treat that tree with a Foiler Application at no additional charge.  This treatment will not protect your ornamentals from Spider Mites, a separate application of a specialized formula will need to be applied.

Fall Deep Root Fertilization Application - This treatment gives plants and trees all the extra micro nutrients they need.  Nutrients are injected into the drip line and absorbed through the roots to stimulate healthy root development, new growth and color in the spring.  Deep Root Fertilizing is applied to all shrubs, pines, deciduous and fruit trees.
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